Blood Bank

                                                           NABH ACCREDITED BLOOD BANK


              D Y Patil Hospital Daily Blood Bank Stocks As Of 9 am, 22nd  june 2016

BLOOD GROUP (+VE) (-VE) (+VE) (-VE) (+VE) (-VE) (+VE) (-VE)
A 03 00 01 02 22 15 04 00
B 07 00 19 01 53 13 09 00
AB 01 03 01 01 20 07 03 00
O 13 00 16 01 20 11 04 00




Dr. D.Y.Patil Blood Bank is the only NABH (National Accrediation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) accredited Blood Bank in Navi Mumbai,and the only charitable hospital blood bank to be accredited by NABH.

The facility operates 24X7 to provide emergency support to the entire region at subsidized cost.

Nevertheless, the NABH as well as the FDA regulations ensure that the stringiest standards are maintained in spite of the charitable services.

DYPH Blood Bank is a round the clock blood bank located at the first floor of the hospital. The Blood Bank emulates global standards in every sphere of blood banking right from blood collection to testing and patient transfusion. The blood bank is approved by the Food & Drug administration for the preparation and issue of blood components to patients.

The blood bank is committed to providing safe and quality blood to all patients from non-remunerated, healthy donors following a stringent screening process. Voluntary blood donation is encouraged which is the safest form of blood donation. The blood bank strives to increase the voluntary pool of donors by conducting regular blood donation camps. Professionally trained staff ensures a comfortable and safe blood donation for every donor and value their feedback at all times.

The blood bank not only provides for the blood requirements of patients in the hospital but also caters to various hospitals and nursing homes in and around Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane District. To ensure optimal utilization of blood and provide maximum benefit to the patient, approximately 98% of blood collected is separated into its various components. The blood bank is licensed to prepare Whole Blood, Packed Red blood Cells, Platelet concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cryoprecipitate, Single donor platelets (platelets prepared by pheresis), Plasma pheresis and has also applied for license to manufacture and provide leucodepleted blood.

Every blood unit is screened for ABO & Rh blood grouping, Antibody screen, Screening for infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, VDRL & Malarial Parasite with more sensitive methods and fully automated technologies.

Safety First

Blood transfusion is a philosophy of sharing & caring on the basis of understanding in depth, the call of humanity crying for compassion and respect.

An integrated strategy for Blood safety has been put in place to effectively combat transfusion transmitted infections and tirelessly work towards providing safe and adequate blood transfusion services to the people.

The main components of our integrated strategy include:

  • Collection of blood only from voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors
  • Screening for all transfusion transmitted infections
  • Reduction of unnecessary transfusion
  • Well-equipped blood centres
  • Well designed facility
  • Trained and committed manpower